Developer Resources

Sending Requests

To better accommodate all developers working on a variety of platforms, we're providing a RESTful endpoint and a SOAP endpoint with WSDL.


The RESTful endpoints use the HTTP GET verb with query string parameters.


It's easy! Just follow this URL template.{version}/{format}/{method}?key={api_key}


Right now we're on v2.2! But we'll try to be backwards compatible so your application won't break.
{version} = v2.2


We support both JSON and XML as response formats so you can pick which is best for you.
{format} = json   OR   {format} = xml


The methods are listed on the main page with the API details. If you have suggestions for new methods, head over to the forum and let us know what you're thinking. Fresh ideas are always welcome.


For certain applications it may be useful to wrap JSON responses in a callback function. To do this simply add callback={method name} as a parameter to any JSON request.


You'll receive this key in an email after you sign up. Every request you make must contain this key!


If you're using a platform like .NET and you just want to add a service reference, you can use the following URL:{version}/

If you'd like to access the WSDL document directly use this URL:{version}/service.svc?wsdl

The format of the responses follows that of the RESTful endpoints so the documentation should give you a good understanding of the format of each response.