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Get a list of points that define the shape of part of a shape on a map.



These points describe the path of the a trip on the map (i.e. results from planned trips). It is limited by a beginning and ending stop point. It does not indicate all the stops the bus will service! To get this information, use GetStopTimesByTrip.

To cut back on the amount of points, each path has been simplified in comparison to the path in the GTFS feed. This means that the shape_pt_sequence may not be contiguious, but will still convey the correct order.

Keep in mind that not all shape points directly correlate to stops so the stop_id may or may not exist


key (required) your API key
begin_stop_id (required) id of the beginning stop point
end_stop_id (required) id of the ending stop point
shape_id (required) id of the shape
changeset_id (optional) see interpretting responses for more information


shape_dist_traveled total distance traveled to this point
shape_pt_lat latitude of point
shape_pt_lon longitude of point
stop_id The stop id associeated with the shape point.
shape_pt_sequence sequence of point in GTFS feed